Edmonton is growing and changing. Infill is a normal part of this change, and a key element of the lifecycle of neighbourhoods and cities. It is about lifestyle and personal choice, and welcoming a diversity of people and homes into our amazing communities. For the City, infill is also using our existing infrastructure efficiently, and taking a responsible and sustainable approach to city growth.

The City is working to create a balanced approach to welcoming more people and new homes into our neighbourhoods. Evolving Infill is an opportunity to work with Edmontonians to identify the next best steps to “growing in”.

This project will provide opportunities for Edmontonians to dive deeper into what infill means for us and our city, and exploring how to better support new homes in medium and higher scale contexts within core, mature and established neighbourhoods over the coming decades.

Evolving Infill has three main objectives:

  1. Find opportunities to welcome more people and new homes into our neighbourhoods.
  2. Identify recommendations for how the City can best support quality residential infill development in core, mature and established neighbourhoods.
  3. Create a strategic implementation plan to support the recommendations.

Project Scope

We know that people in Edmonton have a lot to say when it comes to infill redevelopment! We look forward to discussing a range of infill-related topics. The result of the Evolving Infill conversation will be a strategic document that will act as a workplan for the City. It will include recommendations for how best to support infill development in core, mature, and established areas, with greater attention to medium and high density opportunities.

Want to know more? You can read the January 18, 2017, report to Urban Planning Committee describing our vision for Evolving Infill here.

City Policy

The Way We Grow, Edmonton’s Municipal Development Plan, is aimed at supporting a more a compact, transit-oriented, liveable, healthy and sustainable urban form for Edmonton. It contains a number policies that support residential infill, liveable neighbourhoods, and increased housing choice. It also sets the current annual target for new housing units in core, mature, and established neighbourhoods (25%).

Plans and Guidelines

Plans and guidelines are used by City planners and City Council to support decision-making. Infill related plans and guidelines include:

Previous Evolving Infill Work