On May 27, 2017, the City of Edmonton co-hosted an Infill Tour with IDEA (Infill Development in Edmonton Association). This free guided bus tour and self-guided tour provided people with the opportunity to step into a variety of infill homes to experience what it is like to live there.

We met at Norwood Legion at 9:00am to do quick introductions and provide an overview of the day, grab packaged breakfasts and lunches, and hop on the tour buses.

Each bus made five stops to showcase Edmonton’s infill development, including a guided tour of each home and the surrounding neighbourhood. Between stops, the tour guides facilitated a discussion about what everyone saw, heard and learned at each location.  

As part of the Evolving Infill 2.0 Project, the 2017 Infill Tour aimed to be a fun and enlightening opportunity to meet new people and engage in an open conversation about infill development in the City of Edmonton.

Self-Guided Tour

A self-guided tour was also offered for those who could not attend the full bus tour or wanted to do the tour on their own time. The tour location booklet and map will is available here.