Creating the Infill Roadmap

The Infill Roadmap 2018 is the result of the Evolving Infill project, a comprehensive and collaborative planning process that was driven by in-depth public engagement and supported by detailed technical reports. The Evolving Infill project was made up of 5 Phases and took place from September, 2016 to June, 2018:

  • Phase 1: Start-up
  • Phase 2: Listening and Learning
  • Phase 3: Putting the Draft Together
  • Phase 4: Public Review and Discussion
  • Phase 5: Implementation (where we are now!)

The primary mandate of the Evolving Infill project was to focus on supporting infll as it related to “missing middle” housing forms. This mandate was established by City Council to ensure that options for multi-unit housing housing forms were explored. With this mandate in mind, the project team created a unifying question to capture the goal of the project: “How can we welcome more people and new homes into our older neighbourhoods?”

Public Engagement

Public engagement was undertaken during two phases. Over 3,000 people participated in Evolving Infill through 50 in-person events and two online surveys over 20 months. During engagement, four high level areas of interest emerged:

  • The built form of infill development
  • The infill development process
  • The community experience of infill 
  • Infrastructure and amenities required by infill

The Evolving Infill Stakeholder Engagement Results, provides a detailed summary of public engagement events, as well as what we heard from participants.

Infill Working Group

An internal City of Edmonton working group was established to provide in-depth support creating the 25 Infill Roadmap Actions. 

The Infill Working Group identified potential actions to address what was heard during engagement, refine draft actions, and identify administrative capacity for implementation. 

Technical Reports

To support the information obtained during the public engagement, three technical reports were prepared: 

  1. Edmonton’s Urban Planning, Neighbourhood and Housing Evolution
  2. Municipal Tools Review
  3. Market Housing and Affordability Study

These technical reports provided a deeper level of understanding and knowledge on a specific set of infill topics and informed the development of the Infill Roadmap 2018.