104 Avenue Rezoning

Posted on April 15th, 2016

The 104 Avenue Corridor ARP was passed by City Council in July of 2015, and a key implementation of the ARP has now been advanced through the rezoning of the corridor on April 4, 2016.

The Avenue represents a major east-west transportation gateway into the downtown, a growing residential and employment hub, an increasingly important community amenity space, and acts as the connective urban tissue between four core neighbourhoods (one of which is the most populated in the city - Oliver). This effort integrates transportation and land use planning into concrete regulations that will help bring the ARP vision to life on the ground.

Five sensitively and thoughtfully crafted DC1 Provisions facilitate the alignment of land use regulation with ARP plan policy. Together, the proposed Provisions direct the greatest intensity and height of development in the corridor adjacent to the future LRT station areas creating the opportunity for hubs of activity supported by required commercial activity at-grade.

An enhanced pedestrian environment, a grid of streets, active transportation alternatives, and open space that will provide a place to play and relax are provided as redevelopment and site intensity increases creating a compact, well designed built environment in support of Transit Oriented Development.

More information on the project and the provisions can be found at www.edmonton.ca/104avenuecorridorplan