Development and Building Permit Review Timelines

Posted on January 19th, 2018

Starting in the first quarter of 2018, Development Services will be implementing a new process for measuring and reporting Development and Building Permit review timelines for Single Detached House Permit applications. Preceding this will be a one month implementation period where applications submitted to date will be cleared up to make way for these new timelines. Applicants can then expect predictability around processing times once a complete application is submitted and all fees are paid. The City will be releasing a guide to a complete application checklist, available online, in Q1 2018. 

The City will be measuring and reporting the time from receipt of a complete application (including fees paid) to the time a decision is made. Decisions can be threefold: approved, refused, or more information required. This approach is similar to how other municipalities measure and report their performance targets. Applicants will also have the ability to check the status of their applications, either through email or online.

The most important thing an applicant can do to facilitate quick processing time is ensure all documentation and plans are in order when submitting the permit application. We also recommend that the application be submitted well in advance of the project start date. Exact processing times will be dependent on the complexity of the application and total number of applications received.

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