Evolving Infill Public Engagement Recap

Posted on February 23rd, 2018

Over the past year, the Evolving Infill project has been reaching out to have conversations about how we can welcome more people and new homes into our older neighbourhoods. In spring 2017, this involved meeting in small stakeholder groups representing seniors, youth, community leagues, builders, realtors and many more! During this phase of engagement we were able to get information about possible ideas for infill actions, along with the outcomes people felt were ideal. We took this information in the fall of 2017 to our working group made up of City staff. They used the engagement results, along with our technical reports, to help craft 40 draft infill actions, which were released in December 2017.

In January and February, the project took a different tack and brought a variety of perspectives together in a mix of standard and in-depth workshops. Here, stakeholders worked together to help us refine, improve and sort our 40 draft infill actions. They provided information which is currently being used by the Evolving Infill project team to revise the actions where required, and to select those which the City can commit to undertaking. Additional feedback on the draft action plan will be sought in the upcoming March conversation fairs.

We are asking for your help to advise us on our draft action plan at one of our drop-in conversation fairs.

Below is the list of upcoming engagement events:

Conversation Fair - March 14: Chateau Louis & Conference Centre - 6 - 9 pm (No registration required)

Conversation Fair - March 20: Chateau Louis & Conference Centre - 6 - 9 pm (No registration required)

What to expect

Please take the opportunity to review our draft action plan before it goes forward to City Council. Here, you can get to know the draft actions and see how they work together and then provide feedback about how the draft plan could be improved.

For more information about Evolving Infill, visit the project page here