Evolving Infill Public Engagement Updates

Posted on June 19th, 2017

In the Phase 2 of Evolving Infill: Listening and Learning, we asked citizens, public institutions, community organizations, key stakeholders and industry to CREATE a foundation of knowledge that identifies how we can best support quality infill in medium and high scale contexts within key areas of core, mature and established neighbourhoods.  

The Evolving Infill team has held a total of 20 public events and stakeholder workshops to date, including the 2017 Infill Tour and self-guided tour, as well as classroom visits to talk to elementary school kids about infill as part of the Child Friendly Edmonton initiative. To date, we have engaged with over 500 people with more engagement opportunities happening to the end of the month.

We will then take what we heard from stakeholders and the public, as well as what we learn from an Evolving Infill market study, best practices review, history of housing in Edmonton report and affordability study, and create a first draft document to discuss with the public at the beginning of 2018.