Edmonton's Infill Roadmap Summary

Posted on January 12th, 2017

The infill conversation has come a long way and it continues to grow and evolve, along with the City of Edmonton.
On January 18, 2017, City staff shared a progress report on Edmonton's Infill Roadmap with City Council’s Urban Planning Committee.


  • The 23 actions in the Infill Roadmap were collaboratively identified by citizens, builders and Administration through a robust eight month public engagement process known as Evolving Infill. The City has made significant progress on all
    of the 23 action items identified in the plan, with 15 completed and the remaining eight in the process of being implemented.

  • Some key lessons learned included the need for the City to adopt a flexible and responsive approach to implementing infill projects and to be more proactive communicating about infill in Edmonton.

  • The City identified 30 supplementary actions along the way. Known as “detours,” these additional measures support better quality infill in Edmonton. Some of these “detour” actions included: creating an infill compliance team to inspect building sites, passing bylaw amendments requiring lot grading plans for all infill developments, setting landscaping requirements and incentives for preserving trees and shrubs, and increased fines for non-compliance to the noise bylaw.

Started in August 2014, Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap aims to support more and better residential infill in Edmonton’s mature and established neighbourhoods. The Infill Roadmap also helps guide a key part of Edmonton’s growth strategy to accommodate our growing population.

Administration has also completed an Infill Roadmap Summary Report that includes updates on all Roadmap Action items and related detours.