Keeping Neighbours Informed about New Residential Development

Posted on August 29th, 2017

On September 1, 2017, amendments to the Zoning Bylaw will come into effect which will enable notification to neighbours of Class A developments within mature and established neighbourhoods.

The bylaw amendments require the Development Authority to send a letter to property owners and residents of properties adjacent to, and across a lane from, the subject property when a development permit is approved for the demolition of an existing residential building, or the construction of a new residential building. The purpose of the letter is to inform neighbours of upcoming, approved residential developments that meet all Zoning Bylaw requirements (known as Class A developments) so they can be better prepared for the change.  

The City also hopes these letters will help facilitate more communication between neighbours and builders or property owners undertaking new residential construction. Going directly to the builder/property owner is often the most effective way for residents to get up to date information, as many of the construction timelines and details are not regulated by the City. In order to facilitate these conversations, the letter encourages the recipient to contact the applicant as a first point of contact to answer specific questions about the approved development and its construction. As such, it is important to consider who is listed as the contact as they could be fielding a variety of inquiries from the public.

Neighbours of Class A developments can currently find out information about Class A development from development permit notification signs that are placed on properties, and from These letters will be accompanied by an educational resource, the Neighbours of Infill brochure, that was created using feedback collected from a survey mailed to neighbours of infill developments.

Even though the new notifications will be mailed directly to the homeowners and residents of properties adjacent to, and across the lane from, Class A development, the City still requires the Development Permit Notification signs to remain visible throughout the project lifecycle (from demolition to construction).

The City will be monitoring the outcomes of these new neighbour notification letters over the next six months. If there is an increased number of appeals, the City will assess the options for making changes to the notification process. In addition, the City will continue to develop resources to support neighbours of infill and continue offering support through the Infill Liaison Team.