Landscaping Requirements

Posted on June 30th, 2016

Mature trees play an essential role in the environmental quality and biodiversity of the city, and contribute to the livability of our neighbourhoods. Diverse, attractive landscaping and plant material on private properties also reinforces the unique community character of existing mature neighbourhoods and helps reduce the visual impact of new development. 

On June 27, 2016, City Council approved changes to the Zoning Bylaw in regards to tree and shrub planting requirements for all low-density residential development, incentives to preserve mature trees, and mandatory submission of a Construction Site Management Acknowledgement Form.

All new low-density residential are required to plant trees and shrubs according to the table below.


Incentives to Retain Trees

The City of Edmonton has introduced an incentive program promoting the retention of existing mature trees during construction. Any new development can receive credits towards their tree requirements for preserving mature trees. The table below describes the minimum size of trees and shrubs required to receive credit for one or two new trees.

When applying for a development permit to construct a new home, submit a site plan listing the following:

  • Existing trees (if applicable)
  • Number, size and type of new and preserved trees
  • Seed/sod or alternative ground cover