Neighbours of Infill

Posted on August 02nd, 2017

Neighbours of Infill resources are now available!

 The City of Edmonton will begin including ‘Neighbours of Infill’ information with all Class A and Class B development notice letters.

A new brochure was created based on public feedback from a direct mail survey sent to neighbours who experienced infill construction in the neighbouring yard over the last year. The brochure is intended to inform neighbours experiencing infill development about the rights and responsibilities of those involved in  construction process, including the City, builders and neighbours. Also included are resources for more information and information about reporting issues or answering outstanding questions.

 A detailed checklist for neighbours is available online as an extension of the brochure. This document will guide neighbours through steps they can take to improve their infill experience.

 In an effort to provide as much information as possible to Edmontonians, the City has also provided the survey results which were used to create this new content online.

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