Reduction in Parking Requirements

Posted on July 12th, 2017

At the June 28, 2017, Public Hearing, Council approved Zoning Bylaw Amendments to reduce the minimum parking requirement from 2 spaces per dwelling to 1 space per dwelling for the following residential uses:

  • Single Detached Housing

  • Semi Detached Housing

  • Duplex Housing

  • Mobile Homes

In addition, the parking requirement for the following development types has been simplified

  • Row Housing:¬†regardless of the number of bedrooms, now requires a minimum of 1 space per dwelling, subject to TOD parking rates.
  • Secondary Suites: Garden Suites, regardless of the number of Sleeping Units, require a minimum of 1 space.

For more details of the amendments, see the attached staff report for Item 5.4 of the Public Hearing Agenda.