Infill Applications

Ready to start the application process for your new infill project? Here are the steps you’ll need to take.


Your build will go a lot smoother if you engage the neighbours before the build.

Tell them what’s happening in the area, the timeline for the project, and what changes they can expect. 

For the best relationship, it’s important the neighbours feel they have some control over what’s happening in their neighbourhood.

Implementation of New Acknowledgment Form

To encourage these good construction practices and provide information on initiatives to preserve existing landscaping, a new Construction Site Management Acknowledgement Form is now required as part of all Infill Development Permit for low and medium density residential applications.

Applicants are required to print, complete and sign this form and attach it with their Development Permit Application. The form can be downloaded from here.

This form will provide Infill Development Permit applicants, contractors, builders and property owners information about the City of Edmonton’s requirements and guidelines for best construction practices.