Review the Guidelines

The residential infill guidelines are available online. These guidelines outline each type of infill you can build in the city, as well as the rules pertaining to their design:

Within these documents you’ll find lots of information on the kinds of infill permitted in Edmonton, and the rules around their construction.

Review the Zoning Regulations

Your proposed project will need to fit with the zoning regulations of the area where you hope to build. has an interactive zoning map you can use to confirm the project property’s zone.

  • Go to Edmonton’s interactive zoning map
  • Enter the property’s address in the fields on the left and click ‘Find Address’
  • The property’s ‘Current Zone’ will be highlighted in green at the bottom of your screen.

Make sure your project meets the zoning regulations of the neighbourhood you’re building in.

Things like land use, lot dimensions, lot area, and placement of buildings will all be assessed before your project can be approved.

Not a Fit?

If your development is in a zone that doesn’t allow the type of development you'd like, you can try to have the area re-zoned. This process can take 3-18 months and isn’t guaranteed to succeed.

Your application will be reviewed by various city departments, discussed at a public meeting, and decided upon at a public hearing.