Developers, contractors, builders and communities need to work together to maintain safe, tidy and considerate infill building sites. To support open communication and respectful construction practices, The City of Edmonton has implemented 3 signs to be posted on infill construction sites: an address sign, a development permit notification sign, and the worksite code of conduct.

Development Permit Signs

Development Permit Notification Signs are mandatory for new residential structures, demolition, and substantial exterior renovations in mature and established neighbourhoods.

No activity should occur on a construction site without the presence of a Development Permit Notification Sign. Failure to comply can result in fines starting at $500.


  • Contact information of the contractor, Development Permit applicant and/or landowner
  • a brief description and/or graphic (for example, elevation drawing) of what has been approved
  • site address
  • 311
  • City File number

Required Information

When notified you will need to provide the following information:


  • 24”x18” Use this size if you only want to display one image.
  • 4’x4’ Use this size if you want to display more than one image and/or a company logo.


  • Acceptable Formats: PDF, JPG or PNG
  • Resolution: minimum 300dpi
  • Recommended Size for 24x18 sign: 12”x8”
  • Recommended Size for 4’x4’ sign: 24”x26” (multiple images can be added to this sign, as long as they all fit within the recommended size)

The City of Edmonton designs your sign for you. When your sign is ready, you will receive a printable file by email.


Send the file you receive from the City of Edmonton to print with the following specifications:

24"x18" or 4'x4'

  • Final size: 24"x18", with 0.25" bleed or 4'x4'. with 0.25" bleed
  • Colour: 4/0 process
  • Stock: E-panel
  • Quantity: 1 (unless directed otherwise)


Install your sign on your worksite within 14 days of development permit approval and send a picture of your installed sign to Development Permit Notice Signs must be posted and maintained until final occupancy.

  • To ensure signs are easy to read from the public street, they must be placed at the front of the construction site. They can be free-standing or fixed to hoarding/fencing. Signs may not be on public property, and may not be attached to trees on boulevard or construction site.

Worksite Code of Conduct

To encourage respectful construction practices in residential neighbourhoods, it is recommended that the Worksite Code of Conduct sign be posted on every infill construction site. The print file for the sign will be provided with your Development Permit Notification Sign file and can be sent to a print company of your choice with the following information:

24"x18" or 3'x4'

  • Final size: 24"x18", with 0.25" bleed or 3'x4'. with 0.25" bleed
  • Colour: 4/0 process
  • Stock: E-panel
  • Quantity: 1 (unless directed otherwise)

The Worksite Code of Conduct should be posted on your worksite in a place that is highly visible to workers.