Design Innovation

You’re in a unique position.

In your hands, the next generation of Edmonton’s established communities will take form. And we’re at an exceptional time for that to happen.

With the advent of new construction practices, innovative design principals, and an increasing market for residential infill, we can collectively steer our city towards an even brighter future.

Every infill is an opportunity, and one that we hope you’ll take full advantage of. 

Edmonton needs innovative and exciting infill design that supports the unique qualities of Edmonton’s established neighbourhoods. Learn how you can contribute to exceptional design by entering Edmonton's first ever Infill Design Competition

Exceptional Design

It fits with the neighbourhood

Exceptional design considers neighbouring properties during the design stage to ensure that it fits with the qualities of the overall streetscape and zoning requirements, and meets the preferences of the owners.

It accommodates a range of users

Great communities are built on differences: different people with different schedules at different stages of life. Exceptional design works to accommodate individuals, couples, single families with or without children, extended family groups, and seniors.

It’s sustainable

Exceptional design strives for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. That means the buildings are greener, the community continues building in their neighbourhoods, and they create economic benefits for the city by increasing density and thereby sharing the cost of nearby infrastructure.

It’s innovative and creative

Exceptionally designed homes are much more than yesterday’s homes with new materials. They take an innovative approach to materials, space, and efficiency to create world-class structures.

It’s climate sensitive

There’s no getting around it: Alberta’s climate is demanding. Cold winters and hot summers can’t be ignored in the design of our homes. Exceptional design takes this into account to make sure the structure stays comfortable and efficient.