Expedited Infill Pilot

Expedited Infill Pilot 

With an expected increase in population density and through Council direction, it comes as no surprise that infill has bloomed throughout core and mature neighbourhoods in the city. While the conversation has shifted to how the City of Edmonton can welcome more homes to welcome new neighbours to various communities, ensuring infill happens in a responsible and respectful way is still a paramount priority.

The City of Edmonton, in partnership with the Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA), has launched the two-year Expedited Infill Pilot.

The Expedited Infill Pilot is made up of two components:

  • The Builder Education Program (referred to as the IDEA Infill Certification Program for the two-year pilot); and
  • The Expedited Infill Review Process.

This pilot is intended to encourage better construction practices and works to support Action 14 of the Infill Roadmap, “Improve permitting process timelines and consistency,” by offering expedited development permit review timelines for participants.

The City will report back to Urban Planning Committee on outcomes and next steps at the conclusion of the pilot.