Eligibility Criteria

Expedited Infill Pilot - Eligibility Criteria

For the purposes of the pilot project, only applications for a Single Detached House, Single Detached House with Secondary Suite or Semi-detached House will be accepted at this time. 

Applications must meet the following criteria:

Class A Applications - Class A applications follow all the rules required by the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800 and do not require any changes to these rules.

Zoned RF1, RF2, RF3 or RF4 - To find out what zoning your site has, search your site address at maps.edmonton.ca and look under “Current Zone”.

Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO) - Sites must be located within the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay. To see if the MNO applies to your site, search your site address at maps.edmonton.ca and look under “Overlays”.

Registered Lots - Sites must be subdivided to be eligible and a Land Title Registration is required prior to application. 

Circulations - No circulations required to other City teams for review (except for Single Detached House with Secondary Suite, which may need circulation to Addressing). Development Permit applications which require additional circulations* will be excluded from the Expedited Infill Review Process.

* Note: Additional circulations are required where

  • the subject site is located within or abutting the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System Protection Overlay and where circulation to the City’s Geotechnical Engineer is required
  • the subject site contains a dwelling that is designated as a Municipal Historic Resource or Provincial Historic Resource, and/or is listed on the Inventory of Historic Resources in Edmonton
  • a 1.5m driveway clearance around any surface utility (ie. power pole, anchor, etc.) cannot be provided
  • new access onto a public roadway, other than a lane, is required

Additionally, applicants who access expedited timelines are expected to apply the knowledge they have learned in the education program.

If participants repeatedly submit ineligible applications through the expedited stream or conduct unsafe work, they may be required to successfully retake relevant Builder Education Program course(s) before continuing to submit applications through the expedited process.

For more information on applicant expectations or eligibility, please contact evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca.