Building infill is different. Your best bet is to imagine you’re working in your grandma’s back yard. Mind the bushes, watch your language, and clean up at the end of the day.

These are a few tips we’ve found that will help keep your project running smoothly:

Meet the neighbours.

Tell them who you are and what you’re going to be working on for the next few months. 

Protect the neighbourhood like it was your own.

That means taking special care of the shared spaces like the trees, boulevards, curbs, and sidewalks.

Keep the site clean.

The people in the neighbourhood have to live around your construction site when you go home for the night. Keeping it tidy will keep you in their good books.

Turn down the volume.

Respect hours of work and noise regulations. Whenever possible keep noise to a minimum.

Don’t block driveways.

Whether it’s driveways, lanes, or sidewalks, try to keep them all clear at all times.


These are just a few tips that will help you be a good neighbour, but this list doesn’t cover everything.

Always be on the lookout for ways you can lessen the impact of your project on the surrounding community.

The neighbours will thank you for it and are less likely to interrupt your work.

Good Construction Practices