Why is it under review?

The Mature Neighbourhood Overlay is fifteen years old. In that time, we’ve had a lot of opportunity to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

The MNO has done a great job of standardizing the types of developments in mature communities, but things change, and it’s important our policies keep pace. 

The intent of this review is to make infill in mature areas easier and better for communities, developers, and Administration by:

  1. Encouraging infill that responds to the context of a property.
  2. Increasing predictability in the approvals process.
  3. Providing more design flexibility.

Two of those goals are especially important to the construction community:

1. Increasing predictability in the approvals process

Approvals can take time, and we understand the frustration of being denied after putting a good deal of work into an application. We want to increase the predictability of the approvals process to ensure your time is better used.

We think you should have a good idea of whether or not your application will succeed at the time you submit it.

2. Providing more design flexibility

We understand that there are a lot of great ideas, designs, and innovations coming out of the construction industry. We don’t want an MNO that stifles that creativity.

Through our review process we hope to provide more flexibility to infill design so that developers, construction companies, and designers can start showing us what the future of infill has in store.