Past Engagement

Project Stage 5

Urban Planning Committee, Public Hearing and Communicating the Changes

With public engagement events now complete, the project has moved into its final stage. Thank you to everyone who participated in the public consultation process. Your input helped to further refine changes to the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay. 

The draft amendments to the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay will be presented to Urban Planning Committee on February 1, 2017. Members of the public, stakeholders, and project collaborators will have an opportunity to express their opinions on the draft amendments directly to City Council's Urban Planning Committee. A final round of revisions to the draft amendments may be made by Administration, as required.

At this point, the proposed changes to the MNO will proceed to Council. Council, at Public Hearing, will make the final decision on the proposed amendments to the Overlay. Once bylaw changes are passed the City will promote the changes and the phase-in period for these regulations. 


Stage 4 Engagement

Insight Community Survey Results

An online survey was conducted from October 17 to November 4, 2016, to collect public feedback about the proposed amendments. There were 2,084 survey respondents.

Drop-in Interactive Sessions

Two events were held on September 29 and October 6, 2016, to review the draft rules and to have conversations about:

  • How the new rules might or might not work for you.
  • What changes you think should be made to the draft rules.
  • Are there rules that you think have been missed or need more work?

Stage 3 Engagement

These engagements will gather feedback on the themes and high level directions, build further awareness of the Stage 4 events and the upcoming proposed changes to the MNO. 

Dragon Boat Festival
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 19, 20, 21 

Kaleido Family Arts Festival
Saturday & Sunday September 10, & 11 

Edmonton Zoo Pop-up Engagement & Information Station
Sunday, September 25

June Insight Community Survey

This June survey provided another opportunity over and above the May engagement events for residents to share their feedback on how to make the MNO a more effective tool for shaping development in mature neighbourhoods. The survey was distributed through the Insight Community, and promoted through a variety of additional channels, including: traditional and social media, targeted communication to the development industry and community associations, and the Evolving Infill newsletter.

Stage 2 Engagement

May Mixed-Topic Insight Community Survey

The survey contained several questions to gather feedback on how citizens define mature neighbourhood character. Citizens can sign up to join the Edmonton Insight Community at

Jane's Walk

We explored the Bonnie Doon mature neighbourhood on Saturday, May 7, 2016, with 27 attendees and discussed what character means to you.

Additional details are available on the Jane's Walk website.

Drop-In Interactive Session

The purpose of this event on May 18, 2016, was to allow residents to drop in and see what’s happening with our review of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay. City of Edmonton staff spent time talking to the 103 attendees about:

  • The best features of today’s mature neighbourhoods
  • What the ideal block looks like
  • What rules work
  • What rules don’t work

Facilitated Workshop 

The purpose of this event on May 28, 2016, was to allow residents to roll up their sleeves and see what’s happening with our review of the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay - the rules that guide development in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods. After an advanced registration of 142 individuals, the final group of around 80 participants spent 3 hours of time digging into the opportunities and challenges of the MNO in a more in-depth way.

Regulation Review

A workbook with all 24 of the MNO regulations was made available for citizens to let us know what they thought about each one. The deadline for completed workbooks was Friday, June 4, 2016.