Permits and Regulations

Edmonton’s regulations and permits are the result of years of experience, testing, and feedback. Here you’ll find a list of common permits required when undertaking an infill project:

If you’re planning construction, renovation, or changes to the use of a building, you’ll need permits from the City. The City is responsible for reviewing applications for construction or changing how a structure is used to ensure the building meets all the requirements established under the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, Alberta Building Code and the Safety Codes Permit Bylaw.

Do not start construction until you have all necessary permits or you could be liable for substantial fines and responsible for the removal of the unpermitted structure.

Development permits

These are required when:

  • the construction is for a new building
  • there will be changes to the exterior of an existing building
  • construction will result in a change of use
    • e.g., Constructing a secondary suite within an existing single family home.

Combination permits

Have both the development permit and building permit on the same application.

Building permit* 

Issued after the detailed construction drawings are reviewed to ensure they meet the standards in the Alberta Building Code. You can buy a complete copy of the Alberta Building Code from the Province of Alberta's learning resources centre online.

*note: you are required to have a valid development permit before you can apply for a building permit. Contacting the City early will help you avoid surprises and will ensure that your project goes smoothly.

Single family house combination permit

This new permit combines all of the permits and fees required to construct a new single family house into one application.

On street construction and maintenance (oscam) permit

  • Required:
    • to block off any part of a street, sidewalk, or boulevard during construction
    • for the construction of a residential curb crossing or driveway access
    • to fill-in or remove a residential curb crossing or driveway access
    • for locating any structures (e.g., garbage bin) on a road right-of-way
  • Contact transportation operations for more details or visit their website.

Curb fill permit

  • Required for the removal and filling in of a driveway access that is no longer required.
  • You will be required to restore the curb and gutter, sidewalk, and boulevard as a condition of this permit.
  • Please show any existing driveways on your site plan.

Residential curb crossing permit

  • Required to authorize a new driveway access from a site to a street.
  • Do not drive on sidewalks, curbs, gutters, or boulevards without a residential curb crossing permit.
    • Traffic bylaw #5590 prohibits vehicles from crossing curbs or boulevards unless there is a crossing constructed there for that purpose (which requires a curb crossing permit).

Mechanical permits

  • Required for:
    • heating
    • ventilation
    • air conditioning
    • plumbing
    • gas
  • Mechanical permits are not included in the building permit and must be applied for separately.

Temporary parking permit

  • Required for short term parking in restricted areas.
  • This permit is free of charge.
  • To obtain, contact transportation operations.

Electrical permit

  • Required to install, alter, or add to an electrical system.