Infill Construction Resources

This education package is for you and your subcontractors. The City of Edmonton is committed to welcoming new homes and more people into our city’s older neighbourhoods. With the support of neighbours of infill,  your industry can help us achieve this goal. We have heard from neighbours that considerate construction is vital to the image of the construction industry and to a positive public outlook on homebuilding in older neighbourhoods. To help you meet your obligations for neighbourly construction and to follow regulations we have put together this package for you.

Additional Permits Every Infill Builder Needs:

On Street Construction and Maintenance (OSCAM) Permit:

  • An OSCAM permit is required for a variety of work on City road right of ways, including:
    • Excavation work on roadways, sidewalks, boulevards. 
    • All work on freeways, river crossings and in the downtown core or Whyte Avenue area. 
    • Non-excavation work that interferes with traffic flows on major roadways during the hours of 6-9 a.m. and/or 3:30-6:30 p.m., excluding weekends and holidays.
  • All work with a duration of more than four hours at any one location. Minor locations require two full business days to process and major locations can take up to ten full business days.
  • To apply for an OSCAM permit, visit

Temporary Construction Access Authorization Permit  (TCAAP):

  • A TCAAP is required when equipment will be crossing a boulevard or sidewalk from the public road right of way to temporarily access private property, when there is no legal access. Applicants are required to provide protection to trees, the boulevard and maintain appropriate drainage. TCAAP applications take a minimum of five full business days to process and ten full business days for major locations.

  • To apply for a TCAAP, visit

Infill Builder Postcard

  • use these to introduce yourself and your project to the neighbours

Residential Infill Construction Guide

  • refer to this guide for required permits, approval processes, regulations and best practices

Newsletters Postcard

  • sign up for City newsletters to stay up to date on regulatory or process changes,workshops and information sessions

Developing Together Postcard

  • learn about the role of City infill teams

Development Permit Inspections Postcard

  • prepare for a new inspection process

Infill Signage Requirements

  • know what signs you need

Protecting Your (Private) Trees During Construction

  • learn how to protect private trees

Protecting Public Trees

  • understand how to protect public trees and meet requirements for boulevard crossing permits

Safety Codes Permits and Inspections Postcard

  • know who to call for building inspections

Worksite Code of Conduct Sign

  • print in poster size and post on site to remind your subcontractors of best construction practices

Landscaping and Hardsurfacing Requirements

  • learn about incentives to retain mature trees

Infill Pre-application Meetings

  • free service offered by Development Officers

Zoning Bylaw 12800

City of Edmonton Maps

Builder Video Series