Working with Communities

A successful infill starts by understanding who’s involved. Unlike some builds, you’ll be dealing with more than the builder-client relationship.

An infill adds a new element to an established community. These are residents who love their homes and the character of their streets.

Any builder who doesn’t consider the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes within these established communities could be in for a rocky project.

So how do you work with the community to make sure the build flows as smoothly, and as profitably, as possible? Here are a few pointers.

Get to Know the Community

Understanding the people is great, but understanding the streets, homes, and businesses that make up the area is even better. 

By having a feel for the character of the community, you’ll be able to empathize with concerns raised by the residents and steer the design and construction of your project in a way that achieves your client’s vision, your timeline, and the community’s expectations.

There are historic neighbourhoods within Edmonton that may have additional regulations or considerations during redevelopment. It's important to recognize these areas and prioritize design that will preserve and enhance the qualities that make the areas distinct. Learn about heritage areas here. 

Use Exceptional Design

Not everyone understands what’s possible in the world of infill. Some have had bad experiences, or have seen infill projects in the past that seem to directly oppose the aesthetics of a neighbourhood.

Every infill you build is an opportunity to showcase the incredible potential that effective infill can have on our city.

Design in ways that will excite both your client and their neighbours. Be exceptional on every project.

Use Good Construction Practices

The construction practices outlined here have been researched and found to be some of the top concerns of residents near infill construction projects.

You’ll find many of the points outlined in these practices centre on communication. Indeed, keeping your neighbours informed and aware is one of the best ways to keep your project running without interruption.