How to Respond to a Land Development Application


A land development application is made to the City when someone wants to make a change to how a particular lot, parcel of land, or area could be used or developed. This change is usually initiated by a property owner or developer and may include:

  • Subdivision
  • Rezoning
  • Land Use Plan 
  • Road Closure

Is there a land development application for a lot in your neighbourhood?
Is something being rezoned, subdivided, or developed?

If so, that’s great! Change and growth are important in any city.

But, you might have concerns about the changes, or you might want to find out more about what’s happening. That means it’s time to get engaged!

The city offers lots of opportunities for Edmontonians to become part of the process. Typically, this starts when someone applies for a land development application.

Learn more about the steps you can take to navigate the planning system and provide your feedback by using the navigation below.