Planning Applications in Your Neighbourhood

Planning a great city involves the entire community. It’s only when everyone works together that we can find the right balance for Edmonton’s growth.

Planning decisions occur at different scales.

Some decisions are broad and include input from the whole city. Examples include:

  • City-Wide Policy
    • The Way We Grow, Municipal Development Plan
  • Zoning Bylaws

But some decisions are very local, like what might be built (or rebuilt) on the land next to your home.

Have you received a letter or notification for a planning application in your neighbourhood?

If so, your comments, thoughts, and opinions will be incorporated into a city planner’s evaluation of the applications. Your feedback is important.

The first step to responding to a planning application is to consider the proposal.

  1. Review your notice
  2. Find out what’s being proposed
  3. Get familiar with the proposed site
  4. Visit the City website to learn about current zoning and other existing regulations

How to Respond to a Land Development Application Guide

The City of Edmonton has created a comprehensive guide for citizens who have received Land Development Notices. We hope that you will take the time to read "How to Respond to a Land Development Application" and familiarize yourself with your important role in the planning and approvals process. 


Need more information?

If you need more information you can contact the planner who is reviewing the file. 

Their contact information (phone and email) will be on the development application.

You can also call the City of Edmonton at 311 (inside Edmonton) or 780-442-5311 (outside Edmonton).