Develop Your Opinions

How will this application impact our neighbourhood?

Now that you understand what’s being proposed, know the site, and have read the plans and zoning requirements that affect it, it’s time to figure out what you think of the application.

Here are some questions you might want to consider:

  • Does the application affect the use, enjoyment, or value of my property? If so, how?
  • What are the pros and cons of the application for the neighbourhood?
  • How do these pros and cons affect my personal interests?
  • Does the application fit with the zoning and any applicable plans in the area?
  • Does the application support the goals outlined in the Municipal Development Plan for a sustainable, compact, and healthy city?
  • Are there changes to this application that make more sense?

It’s important to remember that planning applications involve decisions about how the land is used and not the type of people that might use it. 

Share Your Thoughts

You’ve looked at the information, thought about the proposed changes, and come to a conclusion. Now it’s time to share those thoughts with the city!

There are four ways to share your thoughts with city planners:

  1. Contact the planner directly (phone, email, or letter)
  2. Attend a public meeting
  3. Speak with your Ward Councillor
  4. Speak at a Council or Council Committee meeting (such as a Public Hearing).

If you write a letter or an email, make sure to send it to the address on the public notice or notification letter before the indicated deadline.

If there’s a public meeting to discuss the planning application, be sure to note the location and date indicated on the public notice or notification letter.

If you’re interested in presenting your comments directly to City Council or a Committee of Council, you should submit a request to speak to the City Clerk either online, by phone, or in person before the meeting.

Keep in mind: All speakers have a maximum of five minutes to present to Council.