Stage 3: Emptying the nest

Years 21-36

Over the next sixteen years, the neighbourhood kids start to trickle out. They’ve grown up with their parents, and while this neighbourhood might always feel like home, they’re ready to start a life on their own.

On the outside the neighbourhood has a wonderful and well-lived feel. It’s full of character and nostalgia. The streets have a myriad of old memories tucked into their cul-de-sacs and corners, and everyone who’s lived there has good things to say.

But, on the inside, the houses are starting to empty. With the kids gone, and no new homes available for young families to take their place, the numbers in the schools start to dwindle. The businesses begin to struggle as their customer base shrinks.

The neighbourhood isn’t as vibrant as it once was, but those who call it home love it and don't want to leave.