Subdivision in Edmonton

Subdivision in Edmonton is a complex issue, and a lot of different perspectives exist on the benefits and drawbacks. We’ll try to address a number of these topics here.

What is Subdivision?

In April of 2015 City Council passed a bylaw that reduced the required width of a single detached home’s lot (often referred to as an RF1) from 39.3 feet to 25 feet.

Effectively, this meant any landowner with a 50 foot wide RF1 lot could now apply to subdivide their lot into two smaller lots.

That translates to 54,000 of Edmonton’s 107,000 RF1 lots.

The total number of subdivisions approved in the thirteen months between the bylaw passing in April 2015 and May 5, 2016, was 122. While that’s good, it only represents 0.2% of the total potential.