What is Exceptional Design?

As a homebuyer, you want to be sure your home is the best it can be. There are some key housing features that can help you choose an already-built house or help you through designing your own custom creation.


Well designed homes mean that you have the space and amenities you need. Does it have enough parking spaces? Storage rooms? Flexibility to change the use of spaces, like a bedroom becoming an office? Can a secondary suite be added?


It's not just the upfront costs you need to be thinking about when you buy a home - it's also about the long term, monthly costs associated with heating and using your home. Ask about the sustainability features of your home, including insulation rating, water usage, and any renewable energy features.


There’s no getting around it: Alberta’s climate is demanding. Cold winters and hot summers can’t be ignored in the design of our homes. Exceptional design takes this into account to make sure the structure stays comfortable and efficient.


Thinking about the properties next door is a key part of exceptionally designed homes. Are the windows placed to avoid looking into your neighbour's? Are there ways to minimize shadows onto their yards? Are the walls far enough away from the property line so that the required space between homes is provided? Will the construction impact the houses next door? Talking to your new neighbours ahead of time about these questions can help make sure the building process goes as smoothly as possible. 


Exceptionally designed homes are much more than yesterday’s homes built with new materials. They take an innovative approach to materials, space, and efficiency to create world-class structures, while reflecting the best of what your neighbourhood already has to offer.