Communication with Neighbours

There’s no way around it. Construction is a disruptive process.

The equipment can be loud, demolitions can kick up dust, and the number of workers needed on site can, at times, seem to fill the street.

For the neighbours you’re moving in next to, it’s important to understand that the infill construction process can feel a little scary. But, with the right communication, you can put your new neighbour’s fears at ease.

Tell them the timeline

When the process starts you’ll have talked to your builder and know a general timeline for the project. The neighbourly thing to do is share that timeline.

Pop by your new neighbours for a visit and tell them the major phases of construction and when they’ll take place.

Tell them if there’s a week or two where they should expect a little more traffic on the street, or if there’s big equipment expected at any point.

This way they can plan around any potential disruptions to their schedule.

Tell them the process

There’s going to be a lot of activity on your site in the coming months, and your builder is going to want to get through that activity as quickly and efficiently as possible. Talking to your neighbours can help them accomplish that.

There are a lot of bylaws that dictate how the site should be run. Things like fencing around the full perimeter, no driving over curbs unless you have the proper permits, and more. 

To prevent the city from getting calls about your site, and your builder potentially having to take time out of their day to talk to the neighbours, you might find it useful to discuss these details beforehand.

Tell them which permits have been obtained and how the site will be kept. Your neighbours will welcome the information.

Tell them how excited you are

After all the construction details have been communicated, take a moment to tell them how excited you are to be moving into the neighbourhood.

Share the reasons you chose their neighbourhood and tell them why you’re excited to make these streets your home.