Infill doesn’t only mean removing an existing home to build something new in its place. It’s a term that encompasses a lot of options— like garden suites—we’ll talk about here.

What is a Garden Suite?

The city’s description is:

A self-contained dwelling located in an accessory building that is physically separate from the principal single detached dwelling and which may include a garage.

Typically, garden suites are single or two storey structures built in the back yards of single detached homes and must have their own kitchen, bathroom, and living space. You may also know them as garage suites, carriage houses, backyard suites or laneway homes. If you would like to know more, view this video on garden suites to learn more.


Anyone can building a garden suite as long as they follow the regulations and are in the right zone. Garden suites are permitted uses in most low-density residential zones in Edmonton. This means that you are allowed to apply for a suite, which will then be reviewed against a number of regulations in Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw.

You'll need to get familiar with your site's underlying zone and Section 87 of Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw to understand the regulations you'll need to meet. You'll also need to review the regulations of any applicable overlay, like the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay that apply to your site.

Different rules apply in Griesbach, which is outlined in sections 940.5 and 940.9 of the Zoning Bylaw. You can also call 311 if you have any questions.